Cannabis Delivery Insurance

Transportation insurance is our speacialty!  ABI Business Insurance Services now offers all kinds of mmj transport insurance products.  We've been the authority in the transportation business for over 35 years and will get you on the road in no time.  

Our office is located in California and we're ready to cover any type of product transport you can throw at us.  Not only that, but we are licensed in most states and can write cannabis insurance for all aspects of any cannabis business in all states where medical and recreational marijuana are now legal.  

  • Dispensary Delivery Fleets
  • Intrastate Truck Product Transport
  • Grow House To Business 
  • Workers Compensation, GL, Physical Damage & More!

What We Cover

We have multiple markets, Including "A Rated", Admitted companies ready to insure you. 

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    Delivery Fleet Insurance If you own a dispensary that delivers cannabis to your customers, we can insure any size fleet. 

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    Large Scale Grow Facilities We can get you covered for any size product transportation, wherever it needs to go. 

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    Physical Damage Not only do we cover the product itself, but we'll get your drivers and all of your equipment insured. 

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    Workers Compensation Whether you have employees or independent contractors, we have a solution.

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    General Liability Even if you are not in transportation, we have products for your cannabis-based business.  

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    Crop Insurance From seed to sale, our agency specializes in getting your crop covered for fire and other perils. 

ABI Insurance has deep roots in the transportation insurance industry.  We cover most of of the taxicabs in the U.S. and are well-versed in the coverage requirements that go along with transporting people and products of value.  You are in very good hands.  


We are one of the very few agencies in the country that has a state-of-the art customer portal geared just towards transportation businesses.  All we do all day long is enter and manage vehicle and driver fleets across the country.  From the time you call in to the minute your policy is placed, you'll be impressed with our speed and accuracy when it comes to handling your business insurance needs. We will gather your information, shop your application to multiple markets, the present you with the best rate.  Once your policy is set up with us, you will be given a login for our website where you can view certificates of coverage, ID cards, billing details and vehicle and driver adds / deletes in real-time.  We don't know of any other transportation agency providing this service right now for specialized commercial auto in the U.S.  

We get it, you're new to this

The cannabis industry and the rules / regulations are changing and evolving rapidly.  We're doing our best to learn everything there is to know on the insurance side of things so that by the time you get to us, we do the work and you sit back and manage the other aspects of your new, challenging business.  We'll do our best to help you get the answers to all of your insurance questions. 

We're more than just a transportation insurance agency

While marijuana delivery and all forms of transport are our specialty, we are also set up to insure all aspects of the rapidly emerging cannabis industry.  We want to make sure your covered for your dispensary, grow facility, testing facility, products liability and many other aspects of your business.  There's absolutely nothing we can't insure for you in states where medical and recreational marijuana are now legal.  We are licensed and surplus-lines license in most of the united states.  The states were are licensed to transact insurance in are;  

  • Alaska (AK) 
  • Alabama (AL) 
  • Arkasas (AR)
  • Arizona (AZ)
  • California (CA) 
  • Colorado (CO)
  • Connecticut (CT)
  • Washington D.C. (DC)
  • Delaware (DE)
  • Florida (FL)
  • Georgia (GA) 
  • Iowa (IA) 
  • Idaho (ID) 
  • Illinois (IL) 
  • Indiana (IN)
  • Kansas (KS) 
  • Kentucky (KY) 
  • Louisiana (LA)
  • Massachusetts (MA) 
  • Maryland (MD) 
  • Maine (ME) 
  • Michigan (MI) 
  • Minnesotta (MI)
  • Missouri (MO) 
  • Mississippi (MS) 
  • Montana (MT) 
  • North Carolina (NC) 
  • North Dakota (ND) 
  • Nebraska (NE) 
  • New Hampshire (NH) 
  • New Jersey (NJ) 
  • New Mexico (NM) 
  • Nevada (NV) 
  • New York (NY)
  • Ohio (OH) 
  • Oklahoma (OK) 
  • Oregon (OR) 
  • Pennsylvania (PA) 
  • Rhode Island (RI) 
  • South Carolina (SC)
  • South Dakota (SD) 
  • Tennessee (TN) 
  • Texas (TX) 
  • Utah (UT) 
  • Virginia (VA) 
  • Vermont (VT)
  • Washington (WA) 
  • West Virginia (WV) 
  • Wisconsin (WI) 
  • Wyoming (WY)

Our Partners

To find our more about our partners, please visit any of the websites listed below

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    American Business Insurance Services, Inc.

    American Business Insurance Services is the managing agency for all of our cannabis insurance products and has specialized in Taxi Insurance for over 35 years.

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